The NRVT in Norwalk is a diverse trail – traversing urban and woodland settings via on-road and off road segments. The trail begins at Calf Pasture Beach, passes through SoNo and Norwalk Center. The segments are in varying stages of completion.

Free parking is available at the Mathews Park Trailhead or a Calf Pasture Beach (non-resident fee).

Beginning at Calf Pasture Beach, the NRVT travels north to the Maritime Aquarium. This segment of the trail is on-road, either in bike lanes or shared roadway (1.5 mi.).

From the Maritime Aquarium 1.5 miles of trail are complete – off-road, paved, 10’ wide. This trail section leads north, past Oyster Shell Park, under I-95 to Stepping Stones Museum and Lockwood Mathews Mansion and on to Union Park (near the downtown library)

In 2018, with completion of the various trail segments, there will be 5 miles of continuous paved trail from Calf Pasture Beach to Broad Street. (1.5 miles on-road; 3.2 miles off road).  Want to know more about what’s next for the NRVT?

What’s Next?  Click here for more detailed information about our future plans.

Norwalk Map

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SOUTH: Maritime Aquarium to Union Park

NORTH: Broad Avenue to New Canaan Avenue