1979: Norwalk River Masterplan Study: Introduces the concept of a multi-use waterfront trail
surrounding Norwalk Harbor in a study commissioned by the Norwalk Redevelopment Agency
1981: Norwalk P&Z requires waterfront development to include public access to the water, including walkways with a minimum width of 10 feet. First section of the Norwalk Harbor Loop (NHLT) opens at Oysterbend Condominiums.
2001: First section of the NRVT opens in Norwalk, shared with the NHLT, as part of the Heritage State Park connecting the Maritime Aquarium to Mathews Park.
2007: Opening of the second section of the NRVT/NHLT shared route in Norwalk, through Mathews Park and along the Route 7 right-of- way up to Union Park.
2012: Routing Study completed for the 28-mile NRVT from Norwalk to Danbury
2014: East side Wilton Loop demonstration trail completed, Gaylord Drive to Raymond Lane
2014: East side Wilton Loop extended from Raymond Lane to Sharp Hill Road
2015: Redding Mile trail plan and cost estimate completed. Shovel ready when funds become available
2016: East side Wilton Loop extended from Sharp Hill Road to wetlands just south of Twin Oak Lane
2016: $2.8 million TAP awarded to build one-mile Missing Link in Norwalk; Union Square to Rt. 123
2016: $1.2 million RTG awarded to design/build the two-mile WilWalk connecting Wilton and Norwalk
2017: East side Wilton Loop boardwalk completed over wetlands, extending to Twin Oak Lane
2017: Ridgefield Ramble identified as the first two-mile section of the NRVT in Ridgefield