Vintage Video

Back in the day, there was no YouTube, no Facebook and no way to share video other than posting it on or and racking up the bandwidth.  It was a huge deal when the site put up all of Rick’s music videos…after they shut down we housed them for years on for fans to view.  Forget about concert video, it was not only officially discouraged, there was no where for a regular fan without a website to share it.  Now you can find all sorts of things on YouTube:  Rick’s music vids, live concert footage from just about anywhere, even old appearances from the 70s culled off of old videotapes.

I don’t need to recreate any of that, you can find it all on your own.  But there were a few things that we had access to that shouldn’t be lost to the days of Zip Files and stored on floppies in the back of my office.  So here’s some of the real gems I found scouring my old files.  It’s a shame that much of our video was done in formats that aren’t easily transferrable now, but I’ll slowly add what I can to this area.  For now, enjoy these quaint blasts from the past.

GH Interview:  Rick recorded this for his appearances in General Hospital in 2006.  I was experimenting with Flash video back in these days, and frustratingly did not put any controls on this video.  I prepared this video for use on the site, as evidenced by the logo on the right of the video.

Access Hollywood, 06:  Renata prepared this video for, I believe.  Again, about GH. Needs Real Player to view.

Today Show, 12/1/06:  Rick collected toys for the Today Show annual toy drive in this clip with Katie Couric’s voiceover. Needs Real Player to view.

Rick TV appearance, Osage, KS:  More of my flash video experiments.  This must have been sent in by Susan George for the site, and clearly bears the RSU logo we used in 2006.

Rick goes “Out To Lunch”:  Rick’s appearance on “Out to Lunch” in 2006.  Again, sorry for the lack of controls on the vid…what was I thinking?

Fan Club 15th Anniversary Video:  I recorded this 15th anniversary video in Indiana in Sept. ’04.  Sadly, Vivian closed the club just one year later.

Fan Club New Format Video:  We also attempted to record a video to promote Viv’s move to CD versions of her newsletter.  I personally find this outtake, shot by Renata, funnier than the original, which is here.

Beautiful You:  30 seconds of the video that was recorded for Beautiful You in 2004.  Again, I was experimenting with video, so it’s teeny and shows the mark of the program I used to create it! Needs Real Player to view.

Fans Together: Fans sent in photos of their favorite moments with their friends they have met through Rick. Enjoy the ride by viewing the slideshow.  Any references to “this year” mean 2005.

RS Interviewed by Geoff Fox:  Aired on CT’s ABC affiliate in 2004, thanks to Shock Street Team member, Helaine Fox. Needs Real Player to view.

Holiday Message 2003: Rick’s personal holiday greeting from 2003.  I think I recorded this backstage at the Palace in Auburn Hills, MI in November of that year. Needs Real Player to view.

Welcome Message 2003:  I recorded this more general message for at the same time as the holiday one.  OY. Needs Real Player to view.

Welcome Message 2003 with Scooby:  Derek Hilland edited my message to fill in Scooby in the gaps for a more quirky, fun message. Needs Real Player to view.

Welcome Message:  I have no idea where I recorded this welcome message!  It might have been in Decatur, Ill., or it might have been in Indianapolis, In.  Hm.  The American Flag T makes me think it was around 2001.

EFX Alive Promo, 2001:  OMG, this was just gasp worthy when we got a hold of it and put it on our websites.  It still is today, all these years later.   Totally worth the download of Real Player.

RS Promo for Alive:  This commercial aired on cable TV to promote Rick’s “Greatest Hits Alive” CD in 2001.  Features some live concert footage. Needs Real Player to view.

Best Buy 2001: Remember way back when Rick was in EFX and he did a signing in Los Angeles? Fans trekked from far and wide, including Renata Hearn.  She put together this amazing footage from the CD signing there in February, 2001. Needs Real Player to view.

Virgin Megastore CD Signing , Part One: Another CD signing done to promote Alive in 2001, this one in Las Vegas. Check Rick out with the fans!

Virgin Megastore CD Signing , Part Two. More of this amazing CD signing.

Virgin Megastore CD Signing , Part Three: More of this amazing CD signing.

Affair of the Heart, November, 2000:  Elizabeth Gloger recorded this live video at Rick’s “last show”.  We all were constantly worried that Rick would stop touring…but ten plus years later, it seems a little funny now. Needs Real Player to view.

AT&T Commercial, January 2000: If you missed this commercial airing all over the US featuring Rick in concert, download it here!  What a bummer that I can’t seem to salvage the video of this commercial, but the audio is still a riot.  This was filmed in CA in early 2000 and was on TV later that year.