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It’s Time

I think it’s time. The renewal date for this domain comes up like clockwork, every summer.  And for the last….oh, I don’t know….three, four, six years….I’ve hung onto it, even though my heart hasn’t been in it.  I’ve put up things here and there, gotten excited in fits and starts, but it just isn’t the […]


As some of you know who visit this site, the author of the sporadic posts here is from CT.  Actually, I am from Detroit, but I have lived for the last eight years in Monroe, CT, and it feels more like home than anywhere else I have lived. I have wanted often to write of […]

Keep Calm

We’re expecting ourselves a bit of a storm here in the Northeast over the next few days.  After storm preps are done, it’s pretty much time to wait it out and see how incredibly fucked seriously impacted we are.  For the next few days my solar charger and I will be making sure I can […]

“You meet a girl at a gig, and you do it.” Wha???

I still get Google alerts for Rick. Most often I quickly scan the two or three sentences of each article, and hardly ever click on the link. If I am busy these emails get deleted without even reading them at all; I figure if anything huge is going on, someone in my Facebook feed will […]

Review of “Songs for the End of the World” Part Two: Brutal Honesty

My totally honest and real take on The Songs For the End of the World. Overall, I have to say, it wasn’t an instant moment of connection with these songs. I had to sit down with them and really listen carefully and invest some time with them. Once I did, I definitely came up with […]

RS Is “Everywhere”

I was chatting with a friend this morning, one who isn’t particularly interested in Rick Springfield and his doings, and even he commented that “Rick Springfield is everywhere this week.” Indeed. To make this easier for those of us who have a life missed some of Rick’s appearances this week, I’ve pulled them together in […]