“You meet a girl at a gig, and you do it.” Wha???

I still get Google alerts for Rick. Most often I quickly scan the two or three sentences of each article, and hardly ever click on the link. If I am busy these emails get deleted without even reading them at all; I figure if anything huge is going on, someone in my Facebook feed will go crazy enough about it to alert me to its importance.

But the last week or so I’ve paid a little better attention what with the new CD coming out. There’s been a lot of interesting videos (confession: I still haven’t watched all the ones I put on this site, and there are more that I meant to put up but haven’t yet) and interviews and articles.

Still, when this particular Google alert popped up in my email two days ago, it caught my attention. The title? “Rick Springfield on Groupies, Depression, New Doc and Why He Turned Down…”

Since I hardly ever see anyone use the word “groupies” as it relates to a sixty three year old rock star, I thought it was worth checking out. The teaser had me even further intrigued: “Promoting a just-released album and fan-directed film “An Affair of the Heart,” the singer-actor looks back on a life of worry and women — many, many women — telling THR, “I was raised having sex; You meet a girl at a gig, and you do it.” ”

Oh my.

It’s not often I read an article and find out new things about this man who has been part of my world since I was 12 years old. But I learned some new things in this one. Notable:

  • Rick acknowledged that he was a “bit of a user” with the fans in the past.  It’s refreshing honesty.  Often we’ll read these glowing articles these days where the fans talk about how rosy everything is, and Rick will talk about how glad he was that the fans were still there when he “came back”.  But the reality is that he’s human, and not a saint, even when it comes to fans.  I was glad to see he admitted it.
  • Oprah wanted to interview Rick and Barbara together upon the release of his book, “Late Late At Night”.  I didn’t know this story.  I always knew Barbara was very private, but it’s kind of awesome to hear that they turned down such a lucrative opportunity to honor her wishes.
  • Rick talks of this one moment in therapy with his wife when he was ready to chuck the marriage, but then the therapist made him stop and just look at her, like you hear about all of the time.  It’s a very clear, beautiful image that he shares, and a private one.
  • Rick’s taking around a TV show with a Californication/Hot In Cleveland version of him.  Could be interesting, or could be disastrous.
  • “You meet a girl at a gig, and you do it.”  Wow.  I mean, I knew it went on, but to hear it in his own words….that’s something.

I guess you can see by what I’ve pulled out of here that what I like about this article is that it doesn’t show the idealized, fan version of this great sainted rockstar/great family man/wonderful father.  It shows the real Rick, warts and all.  And for all of those flaws, it’s the acknowledging of them that makes me respect him even more.


And finally, for the love of all that’s holy….I keep reading all about how Rick had all of these many, many women he met all around the country while touring.  All of the times I spent with Rick working on his site, seeing him at shows, even sharing dinners with him…and he never once, not once, hit on me.  What’s wrong with me, I’d like to know.

Wait.  On second thought, I am not sure I do.

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