You and Me

You And Me by Mystery Artist by umesongs

So, it’s been four months since I posted anything to this blog.  Bad, bad fan.  Especially when Rick is coming out with a new record, and everything:  Songs for the End of the World.

I’m chuckling a bit at the web page mentioned above, with the whole “Mystery Artist” angle.  It’s something we had discussed when Rick was releasing Will I? and the subsequent CD, shock/denial/anger/acceptance.  I can’t, actually, remember why he didn’t go that route.  One thing that we did do was build a completely stand alone site for that record, and directed people there rather than encompass it in the entirety of his main site.

But this post isn’t about that.  This post is about “You and Me”.

Initial thoughts:  well, of course I like it.  It feels like classic adult contemporary rock, something that would easily get rotation on Sirius “The Pulse” or anyone’s local AC Top 40 station.  The lyrics are clear, concise and easily applicable to anyone’s experience, which is definitely the recipe for a winner tune.  But you still get the sense that Rick didn’t dumb this down for the mass audience; this is his story, and it just happens to resonate.

“When all the world will burn, to the point of no return, I know it’s true, I found it all comes down to you….and me…”


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