RS Mention on “The Daily Show”

I love Jon Stewart.  I know he’s not everyone’s cup of tea (and frankly, having discussed politics with Rick himself, I am guessing Rick probably isn’t a big fan of Jon’s left leaning comedy), but I think he’s awesome.  I think the reason why I dig his comedy so much is that it comes from truth….it comes from real news stories that most people in my generation or younger would find dry.  I don’t know a lot of people who watch the nightly news these days for that very reason. And I think it is fantastic that Jon can take the news and turn it into something that I not only want to watch, but learn from and often laugh out loud at.

(Are you wondering why I’m waxing poetic about Jon Stewart on a Rick Springfield site?  Just follow along with me for another few lines of text, please.)

I’m not going to lie here.  I watched this year’s state of the union while in bed, half asleep.  In fact, I think it actually put me to sleep.  I figured I’d get the high points on the morning news the next day.   But Jon takes the speech, hits the high points and gets in his zingers as well.  I think what’s funniest about this clip is that it is so not a place where I’d expect to hear a RS reference.  And it’s not just a little mention; whomever wrote this bit is obviously a big fan, because it’s right on, to the point and unabashedly enthusiastic.

Enjoy.  The RS mention comes in at about 1:45 on the clip.

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