Absentee Ballot Information

Absentee balloting is different this year, with no ballots being mailed out to absent voters.

In Town:  Once ballots are ready (should be in the next day or two), visit Town Hall from 9-5 and vote absentee in the Town Clerk’s office.  This option is best for people out of town on the day of the vote or commuters who are out of town during voting hours.

Extra voting hours have been scheduled for Saturday, April 24 from 10am-12pm.

If you are out of town (college students, etc) and would like to vote absentee for the 4/27 election, follow these steps (they’re tricky):

1.  Download the absentee ballot application:  click here. Click “Download” and then print the file.
2.  Fill out the absentee ballot application and sign it.
3.  FAX the absentee ballot application to this number:  203-261-6197.  This will allow a designated family member to come pick up your ballot for you.  Save the original form though, you’ll need it later.
4.  Family member can mail or bring you the ballot.  Mark your ballot.
5.  Family member can return your ballot AND your original absentee ballot application to Town Hall, or you can mail it in directly.  If you choose to mail it, send it to:  Monroe Town Clerks Office   7 Fan Hill Road  Monroe , CT 06468

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